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Business is changing at a rapid pace and so is the skillset that managers need to navigate the careers inside the fastest growing companies of the 21st century.

The Hatchet shares career advice for new managers of fast-growing companies about challenging topics like how to respectfully fire an employee, why you should create a leadership manual, or tactics to improve your negotiation skills.

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Hi, I'm Wytze (on the right)

.. Hi, I'm Wytze, and together with a group of amazing guest writers and some external help I assemble your monthly management advice 👋

For the last decade I've been part of the leadership team at TNW and Managing Director of TNW Conference, one of Europe's largest technology festivals.

During that time I've been inside a pressure cooker of knowledge and skill-building that has helped me negotiate million-euro deals, navigate challenging conversations in- and externally, and lead an internationally diverse team to success.

I've hired over 80 people, managed several PR crises, convinced the CEOs of Uber, Airbnb and Reddit to speak at our events, helped avert one potential bankruptcy, participated in multiple acquisition events, created over a hundred budget spreadsheets and generated millions in revenue for my employer.

I recently started as CEO of software company Squares — which allows me to bring in plenty of new insights to share with you each month.

Feel free to email me at: wytze@thehatchet.co

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“The timing of your article about performance reviews couldn't have been better. I just negotiated a 7,5% raise and a permanent contract because of it!”

“Love the suggestion to create a user manual: we're hiring so many new people each month that this would help so much in getting started.”

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