What is The Hatchet?

Business is changing at a rapid pace and so is the skillset you need to navigate the careers of the 21st century.

After 10 years at a fast growing tech company I decided to assemble everything I know about leadership, communication and negotiation and merge it into a weekly guide to help you upgrade your own fast-paced startup, scale-up or corporate career.

Whether my advice is sourced from experience, interviews or best-selling business books, you’ll always find me cutting through the bullshit to bring you actionable stories like how to negotiate a higher salary raise, what to do to impress at a job interview or how to be a great manager for your team.

.. Hi, I'm Wytze 👋

For the last decade I've been part of the leadership team at TNW and Managing Director of TNW Conference, one of Europe's largest technology festivals.

During that time I've been inside a pressure cooker of knowledge and skill-building that has helped me negotiate million-euro deals, navigate challenging conversations in- and externally, and lead an internationally diverse team to success.

I've hired over 80 people, managed several PR crises, convinced the CEOs of Uber, Airbnb and Reddit to speak at our events, helped avert one potential bankruptcy, participated in multiple acquisition events, created over a hundred budget spreadsheets and generated millions in revenue for my employer.

Now I want to share all of that knowledge with you.

If you subscribe below and choose the free plan you'll receive an occasional article from me with advice to upgrade your career. Like these:

HOWEVER .. you can also ask your boss whether you can expense the Hatchet to get the full experience as a paid subscriber. A subscription is €79 a year, which is roughly €6 a month, or slightly more if you want the flexibility to cancel monthly.

It's a good excuse to use some of that annual learning and development budget that you're entitled to.

Paid subscribers will receive

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Join my mentorship program 🎖️

Wouldn't it be nice to talk about your goals with a sparring partner that can relate to where you are in your career while guaranteeing 100% confidentiality?

As part of the Hatchet, I've decided to open my calendar up for a maximum of 10 professionals under 35 who I speak with once a quarter for an hour to casually address some of the business challenges on their mind:

  • You have a business dilemma and want an independent soundboard before you make a decision on how to move forward.

  • You're thinking about asking for a raise and want to discuss the best strategy for getting to the result you're looking for.

  • You have a challenging conversation ahead with a client or team member and want to go over how best to prepare for it.

When I coach event organisers I charge as much as €150 per hour, but I designed this mentorship program for €249 for an entire year simply because I want to help others succeed in developing an equally satisfying and successful career.

This one-time annual fee includes a one-hour video or phone call each quarter to discuss what's on your mind and how I can help, as well as receiving all of my subscriber-only articles in your inbox.

My mentorship program within The Hatchet is designed for professionals between the age of 18 and 35 working at a fast-paced startup, scale-up or corporation. Are you an event-organiser that's interested in talking to me about event strategy then contact me directly.

Who writes these newsletters?

I started my career in 2011 at Accenture working as an intern on a large startup competition called the Accenture Innovation Awards. I had a short-lived dream of becoming a business consultant, but unfortunately I lacked the MSc qualification to make the cut and it forced me to broaden my horizon early on.

What I found instead was a growth story waiting to be written: TNW. I joined the company in 2011 and under the lead of serial entrepreneurs Patrick de Laive and Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten I learned the art of building a business. In the 9 years that I worked for TNW the company grew from 11 to 100 employees, expanded globally and TNW Conference became a leading European technology festival.

Some of my highlights include making Director of TNW Conference at twenty-three, proposing to my wife on stage in front of 3.000 attendees at twenty-five and winning the award for ‘Best Conference’ at the European Best Event Awards 2016 in St. Petersburg for growing our event into a technology festival with 20.000 attendees.

At the end of 2020 I decided to leave my job to work fulltime on the Hatchet. You can read more about my choice to leave and start my own company in this post. I came up with the idea for the Hatchet in 2016 together with my friend Matthew Elworthy.

Feel free to email me at: wytze@thehatchet.co

Curious what others have to say about me?

“Thank you so much for the past two years Wytze. You are one of the best managers I had in my 6 years of professional experience. Thank you for all the mentoring and support!” - Rena Wagner, Senior Program Manager at TNW

“Thank you for being a great advisor in the years that we worked together. Your copywriting skills are nothing short of magic. I'm confident you could sell a hamburger to a vegan.” - Markus Leming, Co-founder of Outfunnel

“Thank you for everything Wytze! You’re an inspiring manager: I’ve had so much fun working together and have learned so much from you.” - Laurynas Ketukaris, Product Manager at TNW

“Thank you for all of your advice, support and mentorship over the years. You're one of the best managers I've had in my career.” - Julie Donders, Strategist at Momkai

“Wytze deserves the highest accolades as a person and a professional, and he gets mine without reservation.” - David Allen, Getting Things Done®

Or what they're saying about The Hatchet?

“The timing of your article about performance reviews couldn't have been better. I just negotiated a 7,5% raise and a permanent contract because of it!”

“Love the suggestion to create a user manual: we're hiring so many new people each month that this would help so much in getting started.”